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Welcome to our poker directory. You will find listed casino card rooms from all over the world. We encourage you to write a review for any room that you have visited or might be a regular player at, tell us about the poker games, the food, the staff and the rest of the casino. Take our surveys and rate your favorite and least favorite rooms. If you work at one of the casinos please feel free to post tournament schedules and promotional information, tell us about the place you work. Tell us about the other things in the area of the casino that there are to do, night life, outdoor recreation and other tourists activities available. We encourage your input, because as much as we would like to we just arenít going to make it to all of the great and not so great places to play poker in the world.

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The great game of poker

Poker is a card game, and it is also a game of skill. Poker players make wagers into a pot based on the cards they hold in their hand, and depending on the specific poker variations they're playing, these cards are either all concealed or only some cards are concealed. Poker games can be broadly categorized into the following types of game:

In draw poker, the players' cards are hidden. Cards are discarded and replaced (drawn to) a certain number of times, depending on the rules of the particular variation.

In stud poker, some cards are hidden, and some cards are displayed for all to see. Cards are not discarded and replaced in stud poker variations.

In holdem poker games, like Texas Holdem and Omaha, players are dealt some cards in their personal hands, but they also play shared, or community cards. Each player tries to make the best hand using some combination of the cards in their hand and the community cards.

Poker has been around at least since 1829, and possibly longer. (There is some debate regarding the history of the game.) Poker is particularly popular in North America, and the World Series of Poker has seen tremendous popularity and growth over the last few years. International events like the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour also continue to grow in popularity.

Poker blogs

There are dozens of poker players with something to say on their poker blogs. Blogs are changing the world! The writers of poker blogs are having a definite impact on the way we view our favorite game, poker. There are currently hundreds of active poker bloggers online. They range from world class pro poker players to the most hee haw of online poker donkeys. The comments and writers that write the poker blogs are as varied in their views as any group can be. The articles range from the mundane and boring to things that change the way we view our world. The poker bloggers are mostly entertaining, sometimes educational, sometimes just shilling poker bonus codes and sometimes proof that a little knowledge and a wired laptop can be a dangerous thing.

We'll eventually include a directory of poker blogs on the site, but for now be sure to have a look at our favorite poker blog. Should you wish to play real money or free poker we would recommend visiting the new PokerStars UK website.

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